Tile has become a product that is very fashion based. Current trends are for larger floor tiles and more varied shapes than we had in the past. No longer is tile only square. Most tile is rectangular now with the 12×24 size being the sweet spot of most selection and best pricing. But many fashion tiles now come in hexagon, arabesque, chevron and other shapes. Over time tile looks became less repetitive and HD tile printing allowed realistic stone and wood looks on porcelain floors and ceramic walls. Now we are seeing a resurgence of prints in the market with tile mimicking worn older tiles, wallpaper and other looks in new smaller body lines which are very popular residentially. Commercially tile is getting very large with 24×48 to 60×120 tiles being available for very large spaces. There is so much more to choose from now than ever before. Most customers need to come in and see what is available before than can even begin to choose their preferences.